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Bruce Flanagan is a licensed Managing Real Estate Broker in Washington, and a Licensed Managing Real Estate Broker in California. He is the designated Broker(Managing Broker)for Bruce Flanagan Real Estate. He served 4 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, from his beginning duty , a Parris Island Recruit, to having been appointed as an Infantry Captain, prior to his honorable discharge. His active duty included combat duty as an infantry platoon leader(mortars/machine guns) in Korea)during the closing months of that war, and three additional years in the organized marine reserve as commanding officer of two separate organized units.

He received his AB degree from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and his JD Degree from the University of Tulsa School of Law(evening division). He is presently licensed to practice law in in the states of Oklahoma, California, and Washington. He is also a licensed Real Estate Managing Broker in California and Washington. 

He and his wife Joan, now married for close to 64 years, had five children, and presently have 10 grandchildren, and three great grandchildren; presently located in Rubyvale, Central Queensland, Australia; Kaneohe, Hawaii; Littleton, Colorado; and Laurel, Maryland.

Having purchased their lot on W 2nd St., in Anacortes, in 2007, Bruce commenced the construction of his home in February of 2010, and completed its construction in October of that year.

He has many years experience in corporate and direct sales, including the building and sale of both residential and commercial properties, the handling and directing of subdivisions, as well the driving factor in our business; the listing sales and purchase of individual single family homes. One of Bruce’s homes, which he built in in 1975 in Tiburon, CA, ultimately sold for over twenty-five million dollars to Andre’ Agassi, for over twenty five million dollars.

Bruce has created and managed both listed and private corporations, in connection with his real estate activities. He is happiest when being of service

To his neighbors here in Anacortes, and to those from outside the immediate area, who have become aware of the real value of Anacortes Properties, and those in the surrounding San Juan Islands. Having heard for many years about the great living available here in the Pacific Northwest, and now enjoying it himself, Bruce is happiest helping others do the same.

At this time the 30th of October, 2020, we are all in the midst of the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic. The wake-up call was the news of its cruel potential in the Seattle Area Nursing Home tragedy….towards the end of February. Fortunately, WA State had the good fortune to possess a Governor who moved quickly to control its insatiable appetite. Today’s total for Skagit County is 1300 cases with well over 22 known deaths. The state shows over 90 thousand known virus cases. Until we can see the results of statewide efficient testing however, these numbers are subject to serious upward correction.

Prior to the appearance of the virus, the Skagit County, and particularly the real estate market in Anacortes was robust, with interest rates on the slide down.

At the moment, the amount of listings available in Anacortes, dropped from 70 listings in 2019 to 47, in March of this year. The number of closed listings in March of this year, matched that of last year, at 34; and the median sales price dropped from $509,000 to to$465,000. The number of pending sales at the end of March dropped from 61 to 28. Today we are down to 25 listings. The asking prices however, do not seem to have softened. As a matter of fact, they have increased substantially, perhaps as a result of the present pandemic. Anacortes remains affordable. People want to move to Anacortes and away from the more expensive and larger cities; the quality of life in Anacortes continues to be sought after. Additionally, the sustaining economic factor is the large group of retirees, as well as the availability for employment at the Whidbey Island Naval Air Facility in Oak Harbor. By comparison with the San Francisco Area, and that of Seattle, Anacortes compares favorably.

An almost absolute necessity for most towns and cities is a superior hospital. Here in Anacortes we are fortunate to enjoy the existence of our Island Hospital. Owned by the Anacortes Tax Payers, and to a lessor degree, those of Skagit County, we were doubly blessed to have had the Hospital headed by Mr. Oliver, who retired last year. Hopefully, the best of his policies will persevere.

Most of my wishes for our national government remain unchanged: 

  1. Term limits for all members of Congress, and the Supreme Court(which is not now the case)and certain of the Federal Elected Officials, and certain of the Federal Employees.
  2. Thereafter(following their term of office)a prohibition on their being employed by lobbyists for a specified number of years;  “lobbyist” includes any profession or occupation which seeks to pursue the goal of favorable legislation for their clients; and is applicable to all of our Democratic, Republican, and Independent Political Parties.
  3. Additionally, there should exist a  prohibition on all spouses of  sitting United States Congressional Men and Women against their being employed as lobbyists  for the duration of their spouse’s terms of office.
  4. No more non-congressionally declared wars.  Meaning no US Troops ordered into Combat Operations without a Congressionally-Declared state of war to exist between the United States and the specified Nation or the State Sponsoring the Hostilities;  the aggressor nation.  The present war-powers  act,  providing for the sitting President’s ability to engage in limited warfare has not worked well for our nation.  It is time to return to the constitutionally required Congressional Declared State of War.
  5. An Amendment if required, to the U.S. Constitution, to cancel the effect of the Citizens United Decision, or alternatively, the Supreme Court reversing itself in that decision, which provided for Corporations and Unions, through SuperPAC’s and some non-profits, to contribute unlimited amounts of money to candidates for public office, thus making fair and balanced elections an event of the past, and making a travesty of the phrase,  “ by the people and for the people”.
  6. Revocation of at least section 1021 of the NDAA(National Defense Authorization Act) which apparently means that citizens of the United States who are charged by the Govt. with substantially supporting Al Qaida, the Taliban or Associated forces, terrorists, will be lawfully subject to extraordinary rendition;

    meaning citizens, not immigrants, seized by the Military, including within the Continental United States may languish in military jails indefinitely, until the end of  hostilities…..whatever that means…whether or not there exists evidence to convict them, or even the least probability of the existence of probative evidence.

    This act, which is present law, authorizes the military for the first time in 200 years of nation’s existence to carry out domestic policing.  Thus, thus the military can detain without trial any US Citizen deemed to be a terrorist, or an accessory to terrorism.  Suspects can be shipped by our military to any offshore jails, or held indefinitely within the US, without trial, without any judicial limitation.  It is most difficult for me to understand that both houses of Congress, plus the President of the United States, could and did, sign onto this.

    Don’t forget to vote in November;  may we all stay well, and/or get well.  When I may be of service, please call.   

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