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Bruce Flanagan is a licensed Managing Real Estate Broker in WA, and a licensed Real Estate Broker in California. He is the designated Broker (Managing Broker)for, BruceFlanaganRealEstate. He served 4 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, Private to Captain, which included combat duty as an infantry platoon leader(mortars/machine guns) in Korea, and three additional years in the organized reserve as commanding officer of two separate organized units.

He received his AB degree from Brown University, Providence, R.I., and his JD degree from the University of Tulsa School of law(evening division). He is presently licensed to practice law in the states of Oklahoma , California, and Washington.

He and his wife Joan, going on 63 years, had five children, and presently have 10 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren located in Australia, Hawaii, Denver, and Laurel, MD. Having purchased their lot in 2007, Bruce completed building their home and office at 3706 West 2nd Street, Anacortes, WA., in September of 2010.  In addition to serving as the managing officer of 5 separate savings and loan assns and banks, and has had many years of experience in corporate and direct sales, which also included the building and sale of both residential and commercial properties, the handling and directing of subdivisions, as well as the driving factor in our business, the listing, sale and purchase of individual single family homes. One of Bruce’s homes, which he built in 1975, in Tiburon CA, ultimately sold to Andre Agassi, for over 25 million dollars. Bruce has created and managed both listed and private corporations, in connection with his real estate legal activities. He is happiest when being of service to his neighbors here in Anacortes, and to those from outside the immediate area, who have become aware of the real value in Anacortes Properties, and those in the surrounding San Juans. Having heard for many years about the great living available here in the Pacific Northwest, and now enjoying it himself, Bruce is happiest, helping others do the same.

At this time, July 4, 2019,  all indications show that the housing market has stabilized, and has now recovered most of the earlier losses in value during the period 2008-2016. In fact prices in Anacortes have now achieved for the most part, record highs, and would appear to be continuing to increase.

While Interest Rates have not been as low since the late 1940’s, they increased during the period 2016-2019, and continued to increase over and beyond 5%. Additionally, home prices have decidedly risen. THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW, prior to further purchase and rate increases; and in the case of Anacortes, fewer listings available. Let me help you find that particular house, or list your home in this awakening vibrant market; which is increasingly becoming a Seller’s Market.

Some of my wishes for our national government: Term limits for all members of the US Congress, and the U S Supreme Crt, Also, certain of the Federal appointed Officials. Thereafter(following their term of office) a prohibition on their being employed by and as lobbyists for a specified number of years , “lobbyists” includes any profession which seeks to pursue the goal of favorable legislation for their clients; and is applicable to Democratic, Republican, and Independent Parties.


An immediate prohibition on all spouses of sitting US Congressmen and women from being employed as lobbyists, for the duration of their spouses’ terms of office.

No more Non-Congressionally declared wars. Meaning no more US Troops ordered into combat situations, without a US Congressional Declaration of the existence of a State of War (a 3/4 majority from each House), between the US and the aggressor Nation. The present war powers act conferring on the sitting President’s ability to engage in limited warfare has not served well for the nation.

An amendment if required, to the US Constitution to cancel the US Supreme Crt Ruling, or the Crt reverse itself, in the “Citizens United Decision”, providing for Corporations, and Unions, through Super Pacs, and some nonprofits, to contribute unlimited amounts of money, thus making fair and balanced elections in my opinion, events of the past; decidedly noteworthy during the recent midterm election;  and falls well without, the democratic process…an open door to abuse and authoritarianism;  i.e. trump like.

The quick revocation of at least section 1021 if the NDAA(National Defense Authorization Act) which apparently means that citizens who are charged by the Govt with substantially supporting Al Qaida, the Taliban or Associated Forces and terrorists, will be lawfully subject to extraordinary rendition; i.e. meaning citizens seized by the military, including within the Continental US, may languish in military jails indefinitely, until the end of hostilities…whatever that may mean; whether or not there exists evidence to convict them, or even the least probability of the existence of probative evidence.   That means possibly, you and me.This act also authorizes the military for the first time in 200 years to carry out domestic policing…thus, the military can indefinitely detain without trial any US Citizen alleged to be a terrorist or an accessory to terrorism. So-Called Suspects can be shipped by our military to any offshore penal institution or held indefinitely within the US, without trial; without any judicial limitation. It is most difficult for me to believe, that both Houses of our Congress, and the previous President signed on to this. In this election season, it is noteworthy that the Presidential Candidates have failed to address this issue.

A couple of years ago, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR attempted to close off a couple of crossings in Sedro Wooly. Perhaps, it is time to look into the legislation which enables the RR’s to pay a minimum of the cost of construction of bridges/tunnels so as to create as little inconvenience for the residents of those communities as possible, who would otherwise be faced with hour long delays in traveling the street of their towns while watching freight trains go by..or worse, allow the action of the RR to close to traffic, important crossroads within the community….The days when RR’s provided passenger transportation have long gone, which formerly gave rise to the granting of such extraordinary power, privileges and riches as they now continue to enjoy.  This is particularly important today, when the RR’s are seeking to increase the number of cars in their trains, as well as the number of trains themselves. Unfortunately, this will more likely than not, require much of our citizenry to demand it. 

Have a great 2019, Everybody…when I may be of service call      360 298 4777 , or email me @ 070419